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Your body makes millions of healing substances and knows exactly how to use them.

Acupuncture is the most advanced technique for modulating and directing that natural healing system.

(Oh, and our patients always tell us how relaxing it is…)

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Why Is Acupuncture So Popular?


Here are just a few reasons…

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It's Incredibly Safe

Acupuncture is proven to be one of the safest therapies on Earth, used by millions of people the world over on a daily basis. Sterile, single-use, disposable needles. And, virtually no side-effects.

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Acupuncture harnesses and amplifies the most powerful healing tool ever discovered – YOU. Its power is awakening and guiding your body’s healing resources.

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Proven Results

Acupuncture has stood the test of time and continues to demonstrate effectiveness today. Study after study has shown it to be effective for a wide range of health conditions.

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Zen-Like Relaxation

Acupuncture is one of the most relaxing therapies you’ll ever experience. You’ll look forward to its rejuvenating effects.

Again, because it amplifies your body’s natural healing mechanisms, it can help in virtually any situation.

How Acupuncture Works


Calms and Balances Your Body

When your Neuro-Endocrine Axis is calm, your hormonal system, immune system, digestive, and circulatory systems all calm down, too. This means more hormonal balance, less inflammation, better circulation and nutrient absorption.

Opens And Regulates Microcirculation

When we use acupuncture to bring more blood flow to the glands and tissues that need the most support, those tissues naturally work better. This means key tissues like thyroid, liver, adrenals, ovaries, and others are able to function at peak levels.

Promotes Tissue Healing

When you use acupuncture to stimulate your body’s healing process, it gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. Acupuncture harnesses the vast healing intelligence your body contains to help you heal faster.

Helps Your Body Sustain Optimal Function

When you apply acupuncture as a weekly therapy for several weeks, your body naturally and gently begins to undergo positive changes. This is different from drugs and surgery which represent drastic, sudden change your body may not be able to sustain. 

The changes induced by acupuncture are literally like new pathways your body won’t soon forget.

Common Questions

  • Does it hurt?

    You will not experience pain with acupuncture. You may experience warmth, heaviness, tingling, or other sensations in and around the needle site.

  • How many needles will I get?

    The number of needles depends on what we’re working on. But, generally speaking, we use about 10 – 12 needles per treatment.

  • Where do you place the needles?

    The needles are placed into strategic points on your body, called “acupoints” or “trigger points” to stimulate circulation, calm the nervous system, and have effects on various organs and tissues. Most of the points are on the forearms, lower legs, lower back or tummy.

  • Is there any bleeding or risk of infection?

    There is typically no bleeding but if there is, it’s just a drop. Unlike hypodermic needles (used for injections and to draw blood), acupuncture needles don’t cut you. And, they are sterile and disposable so there’s no risk of infection.

  • How often do I need treatment?

    You will most likely come for treatment once weekly. For more serious conditions – like significant acute or chronic pain – we might recommend twice weekly to start.

  • How long will I have to keep coming?

    Unlike many other clinics, we won’t try to get you coming weekly for months on end. Our goal is to get results efficiently and quickly so you don’t need continual follow-up. Most likely you’ll have weekly sessions for about 6-12 weeks or so. Then, we’ll need to start making room for all the friends and loved ones you’re going to send to us!

  • What about nutrition and diet?

    We are definitely able to help you with that. In fact, Chinese Medicine (the medical system of which Acupuncture is a part) is a very advanced system of food therapy. You’ll have the opportunity to try supplements as well.

Questions about our treatments?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are happy to offer a free consultation to help you understand the process and benefits.

Success Story


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I was recommended to Leigh by a friend and I'm so glad I found her. I came to acupuncture pretty skeptical about it, and the sessions have helped me tremendously. My pain, energy, focus, and stress levels are all better since starting treatment. I'm so grateful for Leigh. I highly recommend Essential Acupuncture. — Mary Alice L

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