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Leigh Gilkey

Owner & Acupuncturist, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Leigh was introduced to acupuncture as a patient in 2002. It was a last resort to dealing with a chronic digestive problem after exhausting all familiar medical treatments. This began her journey to healing, not only her digestion, but avenues she did not know acupuncture could help with.

After graduating with her Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2010, she opened Essential Acupuncture Chicago. Her continued studies and life experience have formed her specialization in Women’s health and Trauma/Mental/Emotional health.

Her practice is rooted in the classic texts of Chinese Medicine. She is thankful to her teachers, to those who came before them and all who have kept the tradition of Chinese medicine alive.

She believes there is healing, in many forms, to be discovered in each and every body.

Leigh is a member of ILSA, Illinois Society of Acupuncturists and is NCCAOM certified.

Photo of Danielle Desire, Licensed Acupuncturist

Danielle Désiré

Acupuncturist, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Danielle found acupuncture in 2009 after a 10 year battle of insomnia and trying all other Western medicine to treat it. After her first treatment and experiencing firsthand how powerful acupuncture and herbs could be, she knew that becoming an acupuncturist was a must.

She graduated from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2013 and has been practicing as a licensed acupuncturist in the Chicagoland area since.

Danielle’s lifelong experience with using chiropractic care, naprapathic treatments and massage for her health led her to becoming a massage therapist in 2004.

Always an avid lifelong learner, Danielle is always deepening her understanding of Chinese Medicine and truly loves to focus her continuing education on fertility and orthopedics.

Her multi-discipline education and decades of experience enable her to create unique solutions to promote healing for each of her patients.

Success Story: Pain Relief

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Leigh has been a blessing. She shares the details of what procedures she is doing, how it remedies my ailments, and suggests preventative exercises I can do on my own to resolve future pains. I would highly recommend trying Acupuncture. I can only speak for me, yet it has been a game changer.
— Mike T

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Our acupuncture clinic in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood has helped hundreds of people naturally heal with safe drug-free therapies.