Acupuncture for Respiratory + Ear, Nose, Throat

Your sinus passages and respiratory system are your first line of defense against pathogens like allergens, colds, flus and viruses. Acupuncture and herbal medicine support the respiratory and immune systems to decrease allergic reactions, reduce acute and chronic congestion, decrease frequency of infections, and improve breathing.


Reduce inflammation (swelling) and pain in the body to allow for more fluid movement. This can aid in the opening of nasal passages by stimulating mucus membranes and aiding in the breakdown of congested mucous.

CONDITIONS: sinus congestion, sinus headaches, recurring sinus infections, post nasal drip, constant congestion, intense pressure & pain


Acupuncture aids in the dilation of the airways in the lungs and the increase of circulation, which strengthens the immune system.

CONDITIONS: asthma, chronic cough, shallow breathing, sensation of something stuck in the throat, wheezing

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Common Questions

You will not experience pain with acupuncture. You may experience warmth, heaviness, tingling, or other sensations in and around the needle site.

Success Story: Cold & Sinus Issues

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A couple of months ago I was experiencing common cold and congested sinus symptoms; I did not want to take Rx drugs, so I made an appointment w/ Siri; Immediately after my first treatment I can say I was able to breathe better and focus more, and after two treatments and an herbal formula my symptoms were gone. — GD

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Our acupuncture clinic in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood has helped hundreds of people naturally heal with safe drug-free therapies.