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It is our pleasure to help people activate their natural ability to heal, and it thrills us to hear success stories from those we have helped.

Pre-Natal Care

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Leigh, Thank you so much for your help throughout my pregnancy. We have a perfectly healthy baby boy! Labor and delivery was very easy, only lasting 4 hours total and able to do it without epidural! We appreciate all your help! — Nicole M.

Chronic Pain

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Since 2007 I have experienced chronic recurring neck and shoulder pain and tension on my right side.  The episodes come and go, usually cycling with the level of stress I am experiencing.  While I had been an acupuncture patient of another practitioner since 2005, those treatments had only provided temporary relief from the pain and tightness in that area. In June, 2012 I saw Siri for an overall treatment and in particular, to address the chronic pain and tightness in my neck.  Siri provided a very comprehensive consultation, including extensive discussion of my physical, mental, and emotional state.  Her ensuing treatment was both relaxing and relieving of the pain I had been experiencing. At all moments of my treatment I felt that I was in calm, competent, and healing hands, and that Siri was truly invested in my healing.  Since that time my stress level has cycled up again a number of times, but if my level of neck pain would usually spike to a 7 or 8 before Siri's treatment, after the treatment it would only increase to a 4 or a 5. This has been a huge quality of life improvement for me, since stress will come and go. Now, however, I am not disabled by the pain and can continue my activities of daily living. It is particularly impressive considering I only saw Siri for one treatment due to living out of state.  I am so grateful for Siri's treatment and would wholeheartedly recommend her to friends, family, or even perfect strangers.  — LJ

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It's been my good fortune to have found Leigh. I was amazed that her treatments for both my TMJ and lower back pain brought instantaneous short-term relief, and over the course of only three treatments, has completely resolved the TMJ. The change in my back has been nothing short of astounding! Her treatments have not only brought me a virtual total elimination of pain and stiffness, but have changed the internal sensation of how I experience the lower back. Where once it felt brittle and inflexible, it now feels malleable and dynamic. The change in my quality of life has been nothing short of remarkable. I have referred her to many of my friends as I regard Leigh as a highly intuitive and skillful practitioner of the healing arts.  — Russ K.


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When I was 13, I'm now 15, I was struggling with my ADHD. I was taking two separate drugs for my focusing and another for my insomnia caused by my hyperactivity. The medication worked, but the side effects were damaging me. With my focusing medication, it caused me depression and anxiety. My parents stopped giving me the pills, but that didn't solve the problem. I was unfocused, tired, and still depressed! There seemed to be no hope, till my mom found acupuncture. It was a new, foreign thing that I have never heard of. After I took my first treatment of acupuncture, which was very comfortable and I didn't even feel the needles, it was only time that could tell. But within the week I got the treatment, my depression subsided, no bad side effects. My ADHD decreased too, not a huge, instant difference but a change. A good one. I was making great progress; by the 3rd treatment, my ADHD wasn't interfering with my life, even my teachers saw a change in my focusing. One of them said that "it's as if she's an average person who doesn't have ADHD" my focusing kicked a**!! I was getting 8 hours of sleep, I actually felt awake like I was suppose to in the morning! Not energetic, five hour energy awake of course, but getting up like a normal person should. I felt good externally, best part was this: NO SIDE EFFECTS OR CASUALTIES. I was well and healthy. I'm 15 now, and I still take acupuncture ever since my first treatment. I'm gonna lie, since it's natural healing, it works slow. So don't expect freaky fast results. Overall, go try acupuncture and, coming from a teenager, try it too. Don't be scared, there is really nothing to be scared off. It's a lot less scary than pills. — Nina L., age 15

Migraine Headaches

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I have suffered my entire adolescent and adult life from migraine headaches.  They are often accompanied by an aura, nausea, and pain that lasts for at least two days.  I normally take pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter medications to help but the relief is not complete.  They merely dull the pain slightly as I wait for the episode to be over.

One day recently I awoke with the normal sensations I get when a migraine is starting to take hold.  However, this time Siri gave me a treatment at the onset of my symptoms.  She seemed to know all the right points to work with the needles and with her touch.  She did an expert job of helping me to relax and allow the energy to flow and my body to heal itself.  At the end of the treatment my headache was 95% better and after eating a meal and fluids recommended by Siri the other 5% was gone too.

I have never experienced such immediate and complete relief from a migraine.  I have no doubt that Siri’s treatment and service was entirely responsible for that and I am grateful for her expertise and her healing touch.  My only regret is that I can’t get treatments from her more often because we don’t live in the same city.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Siri as practitioner of TCM and acupuncture to anyone in need of relief.  — NMC

Cold & Sinus Issues

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Siri is a well educated, compassionate practitioner.  My initial visit with her was extremely profound.  A couple of months ago I was experiencing common cold and congested sinus symptoms; I did not want to take Rx drugs, so I made an appointment w/ Siri; Immediately after my first treatment I can say I was able to breathe better and focus more, and after two treatments and an herbal formula my symptoms were gone. Since then, I have been seeing her once a week for past musculoskeletal injuries, and overall health and wellness matters.  — GD

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